Thursday, December 9, 2010

Business vs Creativity

Running a business is fun, difficult, sometimes frustrating, but fun anyway. It gives a drive and freedom (to some extent) to accomplish some very brave ideas. But it takes a lot of time, a whole lot of time actually...

These days I don't have enough time for my other passion - knitting and designing knitwear. To save some time I learned to knit in a car (NOT when I am the driver, of course :-). It's not the same as knitting on a couch and enjoying every stitch, but it helps to finish a project. I 've got inspired by Bernat DenimStyle yarn, it's soft, has a nice melange color but has too much acrylic fiber to my liking. Anyway I made a hand bag and a scarf out of it, and now I'm finishing the hat. I plan to upload photos next week and pattern a bit later.

Happy knitting! Talk to you soon :-)

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