Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My trip to Odessa, Ukraine

Sorry, I haven't updated my blog for a while. It's been a busy month for me. Apart from taking care of Xmas gifts for my family and friends (I hate mall rush so I prefer to buy presents beforehand) I had a long trip to Odessa, Ukraine - the city I used to live in before moving to Canada. I haven't been there for several years, so it was quite interesting to roam the streets, make some occasional photos (though the weather was quite gloomy) and make mental notes of what changed and what didn't. And of course there were lots of visits to friends and family members... Now I am back home and back to work. Ukrainian traditional ornaments inspired me to create a whole new line of knitwear. It's going to be a big project and I look forward to every minute of it.
 Now let me explain what is on the pictures I posted here. The first picture shows a church (as you've probably guessed already :-). It's a special church - it's full of light and fresh air, it's located on the sea shore (the view is amazing) and my kids were baptized in this church. The second picture shows a new sculpture of A Wife of a Sailor installed in the sea port. Quite romantic and a bit sad. Wives of sailors are brave women, I can't imagine my husband gone for work for 6 (!!!) months.

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