Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Hong Kong trip

As I've posted already, a week ago I came back from a 9 day business trip to Hong Kong. It was my third trip to this Asia city, so it wasn't a "wow" trip as I already knew what to expect. Aside from 15 hour flight, 13 hours time difference, constant yawning and missing my beloved family the trip was quite nice - I met a lot of people, saw lots of stuff and even had some time to actually see the city.

Hong Kong is very different from Canada - I felt squeezed by all the narrow streets and buildings of unbelievable height. The reason of this "sqeeziness" is lack of space. Hong Kong island is small and actually represents several big mountains, real estate is expre-e-e-emly expensive, so the builders build taller buildings on a smaller piece of land. Even school playgrounds are often located on school roof as well as swimming pools and tennis courts are located on roofs of condo buildings.

 I was so happy to go to Stanley area on weekend. It felt like going to a resort - quiet sea nestled in a beautiful harbor guarded by gorgeous mountains... It felt good. Besides there is a nice market in Stanley, I've got quite a few presents for my friends and family there. My favourites are oil paintings and numerous silk scarfs.

Like, probably, every city in the world Hong Kong has different areas for different tastes. That makes travelling so exciting!

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