Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Drupal Odyssey to be continued

Hi. Last week I posted about my Drupal experience and I promised to make several posts on Drupal and share my small "evrika! s" with you. During the week since my post I learned much more and I realized that it will take a separate blog to keep you, guys, updated on this issue. Some day, I'll probably do just that (I mean, a separate blog) but I don't want to overcrowd my knitting blog with this information. So, let's say, My Drupal Odyssey is to be continued...

Meanwhile, I want to share some good news with you - the bamboo yarn is here! Check it out at http://www.knitca.com/. The yarn is so soft and silky and colors are so yummy, I am bursting with knitting ideas. Actually, I've already made a nice spring beret and am now making a scarf to match it. I'll post the picture here as soon as I finish the scarf. Happy knitting!

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