Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My trip to St.Jacobs, On

This weekend my family and me went to St. Jacobs, Ontario. This is a lovely mennonite village. Not everybody is dressed in long dresses and kapps, of course, but those who are (mennonite women) look as if they just stepped from a history book. Amazing.

The most interesting thing in St. Jacobs for me is the farmers market and lots of small craft stores located in a big wooden barn-like building. Here's a picture of the food market with lots of delicious mostly organic food. I planned to make more pictures but my camera's battery died (silly me, I didn't check it beforehand. I assumed, it's eternal :-))

But trust me the craft shops are absolutely awesome. Most of them sell exquisite handmade items, good enough to suit a most demanding taste.

Isn't it nice that despite all the achievements of our tech age we keep finding joy in creating something with our hands, just the way our grand and great-grand parents did?

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