Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stitch Markers

The first time I needed a stitch marker I didn't know beaded beauties existed (I was a teenager at that time and it was, well, quite a few years ago :-)). So I just made a loop with some leftover yarn and used it for quite a long time.

When I eventually saw how beautiful beaded stitch markers look, I was hooked. Experimenting with beads, wires, cords, color and shape has become one of my hobbies ever since. Now I have more stitch markers than I can possibly ever use and today I uploaded them to my brand new Etsy shop! And to my website, of course.

There are 11 different styles available. I like them all but my personal favourites are Amber and Oriental. Probably over years I've got addicted to using a cord loop as a stitch marker :-)

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