Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video tutorial - How to make elastic cast-on

I made my first video. Ever. Wow. Quite an experience :-)

I planned to make video tutorials since I browsed Ravelry forum several months ago and noticed that many knitters stumble upon some techniques that seem complicated but in reality are not difficult at all once you follow step-by-step instructions. I postponed making video tutorials as long as I could, making dosens of excuses to myself. Yesterday I finally surrendered to my conscience and common sense and got to work on shooting.

The first video tutorial is about elastic cast-on. Why? Probably because I like it a lot and often use it in my patterns. This technique gives a nice professional-looking edge for 1x1 rib.

In my video I also explained how to calculate the length of tail to make sure you have enough yarn to cast-on all stitches. All that information is shown here:

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