Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Favourite knitted garment - poll results

For 3 month I asked every visitor to answer one simple question - What is your favourite knitted garment? Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the poll. Now it is time to see the results...

Out of 424 votes 12% favour a knitted hat, 20% like socks the most and 21% love scarfs. These are all traditionally knitted accessories we can't live without during those cold fall and winter months.

11% of you chose other knitted creation as your favourite. I would definitely put my knitted glasses case in this category. Amazingly useful thing that keeps my sunglasses from scratches in my you-can-find-anything-you-want purse.

But no matter how much I value my knitted glasses case, when it comes to my most favourite knitted garment I join the majority of our website visitors - I like knitted sweater, like 35% of you, dear fellow-knitters, non-knitters and knitters-to-be.

Hooray to a most comfortable beautiful and stylish knitted creation - to a Sweater!

For the next 3 months I'll be curious about the level of your knitting skills. Every vote counts at

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