Friday, July 22, 2011

New mesh tunic - love it, love it, love it...

This week we took a 2 day vacation and went to Gananoque - a beautiful town on St.Lawrence river. It was a good chance for me to "test-drive" my new mesh tunic. It passed the test with excellent marks. I spent two very hot days wearing it and I didn't feel hot at all. On the opposite - it protected me from sun and wind when we went on a 2.5 hour boat cruise. Besides I discovered it makes a nice and sexy beach/pool dress.

Here are some pictures. The pattern and knitting kit are coming. Hope you'll love it as much as I do :-)

Happy knitting!


  1. Beautiful tunic. Did you design it yourself? If so you are very talented. Where can I get the pattern?

  2. Hello Maryna; I just read about you and would like to say that I to am ukranian. My grandmother was born there and came over to Canada when she was 16. She never learned English so whenever we would visit her (every weekend) it was learn to understand the language or don't communicate with Baba. While I did have a very good understanding of the language I could never master speaking it. My Dad did try to teach me, but I could never pick it up. It was through my Baba that I learned to crochet and sew.

  3. Hello, Barb, Thanks a lot for the comments. I did design the tunic myself and am working on the pattern right now. It's amazing that each of us has a story. You are right - Ukrainian women were crafters throughout the history. Just like your Baba and my own great-grandmothers and grandmothers. They spent every spare minute knitting and sewing. That probably was there recipe for harmony and happiness :-)

  4. Love the tunic and can't wait for the pattern!



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