Monday, August 15, 2011

Quebec inspiration

Montreal downtown
Last week we (when I say "we" I mean my family and me) took advantage of the warm summer weather and went north - to Quebec. We've heard so much about the beauty of Quebec city and gorgeous St.Laurence river and about a special place where real whales come to feed. The trip turned out even better than we expected. The landscape and northern cloudy sky are absolutely stunning!

The only thing we didn't expect was the weather difference. It's so much cooler up there! We were prepared with spare hoodies and shoes but still the cold weather inspired me to several warm sweaters and hats. The inspiration was so strong that I woke up in 3 am (never happened to me before :-)) to sketch my ideas. So there are some sweaters on my to-do list right now!

Here are some of almost 400 pictures I made:

Quebec city

Quebec city - Old Quebec

Canyon Ste-Anne

Just a beautiful place north of Quebec city


Tadoussac - a small town with 600 years history

The clouds are stunning

Road, more road....

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