Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snowflake baby hat

A week ago I've got a yarn order from a nice lady who belongs to LeeLee Hats group. I really like the idea of using knitting skills to help kids so I offered to make a free pattern for a baby hat.

I wanted to design something mischievous at first but then I imagined tiny fragile preemies and newborns and they didn't seem mischievous at all. Just tiny cubs who need all the warmth and protection we can give. That's how Snowflake baby hat was created.

Made from soft superwash wool it is super warm and doesn't have any seams, cables or even ribbing to avoid stressing soft skin. Here are some pictures of the hat.

Free pattern is available at No registration needed for download.

Happy knitting!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pattern and the thoughts behind it. Just uncertain about the instruction: Remove marker in Row 3 of lace as I haven't found when that marker was put in. Can you please help me out with this



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