Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Isabella Bracelet - new addition to our Wired Knits Kits series

The idea came from bangles. The way they show off a woman's wrist is amazing. Anyone can put on some bangles and look like a queen. And I thought why not knit a bracelet similar to bangles. Of course it came up softer and more tender than bangles but it makes this bracelet even better. With Christmas approaching here's an accessory that you can:

1. knit for yourself (only 2 hours of knitting and regular household scissors are required, everything else you need is in the box) and look and feel like a queen at the Christmas party.

2. knit it for a friend as a Christmas gift and observe her happy face for at least a week :-)

3. give it as a gift to a knitter-friend and observe her happy face for a whole month :-)

Did I motivate you enough? If yes, go to and place an order.

Happy knitting!

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