Monday, January 23, 2012

It's all about cables - 2 free stitch patterns for you

When it's cold outside nothing looks cozier than knitted cables. Bulky, soft and warm - they are our number one choice for winter knits. Recently I came across two interesting patterns and though they both have cables in them the patterns are different.

The first one has small two stitch cables on ribbing that look simple but pretty. It can be used in a hat or a kid's sweater. As it is reversible it will also make a nice scarf.

The second stitch pattern is bulkier and would look awesome as an accent or an all over pattern on a sweater, warm cardigan or a bulky cowl.
Both stitch patterns are free. Detailed instructions and charts are available at

Whichever pattern you like better I hope you stay warm this winter :-)

Happy knitting!

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