Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5 ways to wear a knit scarf

The idea for this scarf/wrap/stole came to me on a plane. It was a long flight and the project I planned to start didn't come out as good as I planned it would. The air conditioner was working on a low temperature setting and knitting a light woolen wrap seemed like a good idea.

I finished Sweet Stole during return flight and it kept me warm and well-dressed since then. So far I came up with 5 ways to wear it. Those ways are common and can be used for any scarf/wrap/stole. Here they are:

1. Scarf (obvious :-)

2. Wrap (also obvious but I am including it in my list anyway, probably because this is my favorite way to wear it)

3. Puckered wrap

4. Head scarf

5. Skirt

If you want to knit a Sweet Stole and enjoy it as much as I do, the pattern is right here for you.

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