Thursday, January 10, 2013

CN Tower embroidery on a sweater

Once I've got myself a simple sweater at Joe Fresh. I went for color (bright orange) but later the sweater seemed kind of plain despite the lovely color. So I came up with an idea to embroider a cityscape on it. As I live in GTA an outline of CN Tower seemed like a good idea. Here's how I did it:

1.Take a sweater, top, cardigan (this motif will look interesting on the back of a cardigan)

2. Thread matching / complimentary color embroidery thread or sport weight yarn into a wool needle. I used dark brown embroidery thread on my orange sweater.

3. CN Tower motif covers 74 stitches and 108 rows of knit fabric (considering that every cell on the chart equals 1 stitch and 2 rows of knit fabric). You can download the stitching chart here. Mark placement of the right bottom corner of the motif on your sweater so that the whole motif is centered on the front / back of your sweater.

4. Starting with the right bottom corner stitch the bottom continuous line of the motif (the one that is black on the chart) using simple backstitch (see close up picture and chart below). Then stitch the top continuous line (the one that is red on the chart).
5. Voila! The sweater turned from drab to fab with just a few stitches.
Now you can decorate one of your sweaters. Go for it. It's easy and fun!

Happy stitching

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