Friday, February 15, 2013

How to crochet a scrunchie

Here are cute ruffly scrunchies that you can easily crochet from Knitca Veil yarn in just 10-15 minutes.


- about 3m (3.3yds) of Knitca Veil yarn (1 ball of yarn is enough to make about 10 scrunchies)

- 1 elastic hair band

- crochet hook size 3mm or any other size you feel comfortable working with

1. Open the yarn, leave a 1cm (1/2") tail and pick up 2 strands from the center of the yarn.

2. Put the band on the hook so that the hook is inside the band.

3. Skip about 4cm (1.5") of the yarn and pick 2 more strands from the center of the yarn.

 4. Make a slip stitch.

5. With crochet hook outside the band, skip about 4cm (1.5") of the yarn, pick 2 strands from the center of the yarn and make a slip stitch.

Repeat these steps till the band is all covered with yarn. Then cut the yarn leaving about 1cm (1/2") tail. Pull one end of the tail through the last stitch and pull tight. Tie ends of both tails around the band with a square knot. Cut excess yarn.

The scrunchie is ready. Quick and easy, isn't it?

Here's a video tutorial that shows you every step of the process.

Happy crocheting :-)

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