Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photos of Knitca yarns before and after wash

Does it happen to you - you pick yarn, make something gorgeous, wear it with pride, then wash it and end up with a heap of less-than-perfect shapeless knitted fabric?

Well, to help you avoid any surprises from Knitca yarns I made swatches with most yarns we sell (except for Mink, Yak, Silk and Fine Silk as it's obvious those yarns should be handled with extreme care), washed those swatches in a washing machine at high temperature and dried them in a dryer. Below you can see photos of the swatches before and after this extreme washing:

Knitca Cotton (100% cotton yarn)

Knitca Wavy (100% cotton yarn)

 Knitca Lovely (100% bamboo yarn)
Knitca Delight (100% extra fine superwash merino wool)
 Knitca Superwash (100% superwash merino wool)
Knitca Socks (75% superwash merino wool 25% nylon)

Yarns that felt :

Knitca Merino (100% merino wool yarn)
 Knitca Woolly Warmth (100% wool yarn)
Knitca Wool Slub (100% wool yarn)

Now you can knit and be confident that your knits will keep you warm and happy even after you wash them a few times.

Happy knitting :-)

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