Friday, May 10, 2013

How to learn to knit the easy way

Quite often people come to our store and ask how they can learn to knit. Usually I set up a session for them right away and they leave the store 2 hours later with some yarn, needles, a small piece of knitted fabric and a smile on their faces.

But what to do if you are not in Mississauga area and can't make it to our store?

Option 1 is YouTube. It's overwhelmed by all kinds of knitting videos. Many of them are very good and clear, but most are not made by professional knitting instructors and are hard to follow and sometimes plain frustrating :-( Besides if you follow this option, you will need to make a trip to a yarn store or any major supermarket selling craft supplies (Walmart, Michaels etc).

Option 2 is getting a book for beginner knitters. You can find it in your local library, visit your local book store or order from Amazon. Good thing about books - they are written by professional instructors and usually double checked by tech editors. You will find clear illustrations for cast on, basic stitches and bind off. But trip to a yarn store (see Option 1) is also a must (sorry, but you cannot knit without yarn and needles)

It is a good idea to combine Options 1 and 2 and find clear videos that demonstrate basic stitches explained in the book.

Option 3. If you are lucky to have a yarn store in your area, go there. Chances are you'll find a good instructor there as well as good variety of yarn, needles and other knitting supplies you will need for your new hobby.

Option 4. If none of the first three options works, get a Learn to Knit kit that has it all - yarn, needles, notions, illustrated pattern and a DVD disc with a complete knit along that will guide you through every step of knitting a cute stripy scarf. Watch the disc any time and mimic the movements you see on the screen. In no time you'll have a Stripy Scarf and then many more knitted items.

Knitting is so much fun, once you learn how to knit, you cannot stop :-)

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