Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy way to knit honeycomb stitch - video tutorial

A while ago a lady came to our store and showed me a hat made for her by her friend. She loved the hat and wanted to knit another one as a gift for her daughter. The problem was - she didn't know what kind of stitch pattern her friend used to make the hat. The stitch was so different from the usual knit stitches that this lady called it "black magic". Right side of the stitch looked fluffy and textured and wrong side resembled reverse stockinette stitch.

I worked with this stitch before so I assured this lady there is no black magic here, just a bit of fiddling with stitches and yarn overs. As a result you get gorgeous honeycomb stitch (not cable-honeycomb but brioche-honeycomb).

After a bit of research I found 4 ways of knitting this stitch. Some of those ways are so complicated that after several rows I gave up on the swatch and moved on to other options. That's how I discovered the easiest way to knit honeycomb. And once I did, I recorded it on a video.

The video is right here:

Enjoy :-)

P.S. You probably recognized the yarn used in the video. It is Knitca Delight (100% extra fine superwash merino yarn). We have it in many beautiful colors at

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