Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 stitch patterns for cowls and scarves

We are all in "holiday knitting" mood right now. Scarves and cowls make perfect gifts for anyone. They are fast and easy to make, do not take much yarn and are easy to design. Just take any reversible (the one that looks good on both sides) stitch pattern and cast on enough stitches for as many repeats as you need to make the scarf wide enough. Usually scarves are 15-30 cm / 6-12" wide. Then work in stitch pattern of your choice until the scarf is as long as you want it to be. Good thing about designing a scarf is that you can try it on any time to see whether it's long enough.

If you want to make a cowl you have 2 main options. Make a scarf and then graft both ends together. See more details in my "How to knit a cowl" post. If you don't like grafting or any other kind of seaming join stitches for working in the round right after you cast on and make the cowl seamless.

Here are some stitch patterns that will make a beautiful scarf or cowl.

1. This stitch is the most recent addition to our stitch pattern library. It is fairly easy to make and looks nice on both sides. Simple slip stitches in this pattern create a very interesting effect - knit texture looks a lot like burlap weave. This stitch pattern will add a nice rustic effect to any knit project.

Instructions and chart are available here.

2. This stitch pattern, also called French Ribbing in some sources, has an amazing texture. It is perfect for a warm hat, scarf, socks, sweater, well, almost anything :-)

Instructions and chart are available here.

3. This pattern makes a nice soft not-too-bulky and nice-looking fabric. Great source of inspiration.

Instructions and chart are available here.

4. This stitch pattern will make a nice shrug, scarf or sweater. It will also look great as a substitute for a 5x5 ribbing on a collar or edge.

Instructions and chart are available here.

5. This stitch pattern calls for a wide cozy wrap scarf. Almost reversible it looks good on both right and wrong sides.

Instructions and chart are available here.

Happy scarf-knitting :-)

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