Thursday, November 7, 2013

Minecraft - inspired hat : Enderman hat

Have you heard about Minecraft? You probably did. It looks like every kid plays it these days. Considering that Minecraft allows them to build new worlds, this game is pretty useful.

When we discussed our plans for winter hats a few weeks ago my son wanted a Minecraft-inspired hat right away. For some reason he likes the look of Enderman (a creepy guy that loves to carry blocks around). After a bit of research and pondering different color combinations for the eyes we came up with this hat:

Now my son puts it on every time he goes outside no matter how warm the weather is. That's a good sign. It means he actually likes it. And that makes me happy :-)

The pattern is available for free here. I hope your little (or not so little) gamer will like this hat.

Happy (Mine)crafting !

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